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Mississippi Nursing Home

Billdora Senior Care

"Caring for Others is Our Passion"


Billdora Senior Care provides safe professional care by licensed staff:


  • Skilled Nursing Care

  • Long Term Options

  • Short Term Rehabilitation

  • Life Enriching Activities

  • And many other services  See more >>


Dedicated Full-Time Staff:


  • Physical

  • Occupational

  • Speech

  • Respiratory

  • And many other options  See more >>

"An elder-centered community committed to providing the quality of care our seniors deserve."

"I enjoy living at the facility because it really doesn't seem like a nursing home in many ways. We have a variety of different foods, activities, shopping trips and more.You don't just see the Nurses and CNA's you see all the department heads in the building very involved with us including the administrator. I can't ask for a better place."

Helen Alford,

a resident of Billdora Senior Care

"I am doing really well here. When I first came, I was worried about being around a lot of strangers and not at my home, but everyone has been very nice and made me feel comfortable. I told my family if I have to stay here at Magnolia permanently, that I will be glad to make this my home."

Amy Wells,

previous resident of Billdora Senior Care

Better Care Starts with You!

“Billdora has become my home away from home since my husband became a resident. It's hard to separate from a loved one, but Magnolia has given me great relief knowing my husband is in a home-like environment and not just a facility. I highly recommend Billdora to anyone having to place a loved one in a nursing facility." 

Edna Stuckey,

wife of Sammie Stuckey

Mississippi nursing home

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